CAT PAWS Foundation

The Cat Paws Foundation was created in 1997 to support the production of "Cat Paws," a children's music and movement television program airing on KLRN, San Antonio's PBS station. The Foundation strives to renew families as it educates and celebrates the great children of our community.

"The Family That Reads Together, Succeeds Together!"

Cat Paws is a television program with a unique way of educating children through a combination of music and movement. Currently in its sixth year of production, Cat Paws has proven its ability to positively impact children of all ages. The program was conceived and developed by local elementary teachers who know what our children need to succeed and who volunteer their time and talents to help our children live better lives. Airing seven days each week in 33 counties throughout South Texas, Cat Paws has and will continue to positively impact millions of children in our community. We are seeking financial support for the Just Read To Me Book Club, designed by the producers of Cat Paws to encourage family reading. Each month, new books are chosen for the reading list, and an updated list is televised as a public service announcement on KLRN Monday through Friday before the airing of Cat Paws. Financial supporters of the Book Club will be prominently recognized each day that the "book reports" air. Your support will not only help our children develop the love of reading, but will also show their parents that you value children and education.

Currently in its twelfth year of production with over 150 shows filmed, edited and airing locally on KLRN-PBS TV and Catholic Television, and nationally on La Familia and Inspiration-Life networks.

Seen in 33 counties throughout South Texas, with over three million potential viewers.

Celebrates the goodness in our community, and presents positive role models for our children.

Improves literacy and communication skills through the "Just Read To Me "book club, designed to foster family reading.

Emphasizes bilingual and non-verbal communication with prominent use of Spanish and sign language throughout each episode.

Encourages community participation, as children from all areas of South Texas are regularly invited to appear and be filmed on Cat Paws.

Supports a community outreach program, where live performances are given to groups from around the region, including the San Antonio Children's Museum, area schools and various economically underprivileged areas.

Introduces children to important life skills and improves the mental and physical well-being of children and their families, through music, dance, games and participation.

Produces 12 to 15 new episodes each year.

Production of Cat Paws is entirely funded by the Cat Paws Foundation, a nonprofit organization incorporated as a public charity [501 (c) (3)] under IRS guidelines. The foundation relies totally on contributions from the general public, local businesses, and foundations, and it is not financially supported by federal or municipal tax dollars or by local or national PBS.

Your donation is vital to the success of the program as we try to build healthy minds, souls and bodies for our children. 

For more information, contact
Lee Campbell-Towell, Producer,
150 Ranger Creek Road
   Boerne   TX   78006