What is Cat Paws?

"Cat Paws" is a children's music and movement television program in its sixth year of production at KLRN, San Antonio's PBS station. The show is an "Education Station" that invites viewers to get up and join in on all the songs, games and activities. It features local youth and provides an opportunity for young people to share performances and their positive contributions with the community. The Baroompadoomp Man brings a great big heart, lots of love, and helps children to grow in their own special way. Interaction Man keeps us moving, while Mrs. Baker brings her backpack of books and stories that come to life. The Footnotes will amaze you with their rope skipping tricks! And remember--You're one of a kind!

"You're One Of A Kind!"

What Are The Benefits?

The "Education Station" gives children a unique opportunity to participate in and not merely watch a variety of songs, games and activities. The program generates substantial awareness that children need to sing and move as part of their daily development, and emphasizes the positive role models who are vital to their social development. All of the characters are or have been teachers in our schools or deal directly with children in the community.

Each show features a single educational theme which unfolds through the use of music and movement with a trilingual approach (English, Spanish and Sign Languages.) All the music is original, positive, and highly motivational. The "Cat Paws" audiotape, a 1995 Grammy award nominee, is featured in several of the videos, and two other nationally acclaimed albums by Lee Campbell-Towell, "Any Turkey Can Tango" and "The Alligator Purse" are also in the lineup.

"You're Two Too Nice!"


The greatest gifts in life come from human interaction. When I see people laughing, it is because they are spending time together. When I see someone in pain, it is the human touch, (perhaps a hug), that brings comfort. When I see a child learn, it is the one-on-one connection of teacher and student that works the best. Music and movement are major parts of that connection. We are designed to be people-to-people participants in this experience we call life. As educators, parents and human beings, it is our job and our joy to sing and play with children and help them respond to life with heart and soul. Cat Paws is our way of making new friends, amigos and alphapals.

Many meows
Lee Campbell-Towell

"You're Three Times As Special, Because You're You!"

Some of my fondest memories of my mother are or her singing and reading to me. We read as a family, each child taking a turn picking out a favorite story or poem and we took turns reading. I have tried to share this tradition of love and learning with the viewers of Cat Paws.

I invite you to come celebrate literacy with Cat Paws by joining the "Just Read To Me Book Club." Learning to read is one of the rites of passage into adulthood, and through the book club we encourage family reading. Come dig into Mrs. Baker's Backpack of Books to explore new worlds! And relive Annie Oak Tree's incredible personal experiences with authors and poets of the last two centuries!

"The Family That Reads Together, Succeeds Together"!

For more information about Cat Paws, including how you can get the program on your local network, contact:

Lee Campbell-Towell
150 Ranger Creek Road   Boerne   TX   78006