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October 1, 2002 Volume 1, Issue 1

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Calling all Movers Please….
Hello families and welcome to our Cat Paws newsletter called Cat Calls

Each month we will call you to action so that you can become a part of the Cat Paws show and help MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this world…. This month we would like you to……

Draw a picture of a Cat on a fence and mail it into miss lee at the address listed……..then…….

We will show your artwork on the show and send you a free Cat Paws CD……..

Tell all your friends about our newsletter so they can play too.

Why do we Call it Cat Paws……
When I was a little girl I would ask my mother to draw for me……..she would always draw the same picture. A cat on a fence looking at the moon and the stars.

Years later I learned that she drew this picture from a childhood memory. My mother was a little girl during the Depression, and during this time many people had no food to eat and needed a place to rest. My mother and her mother would always welcome hungry and tired people into their home. They would feed them and share some time with them.

One of the travelers drew a kitty on a fence looking at the moon into their tree trunk to let other hungry and tired friends know that this was a house with loving and giving people. Many people came and ate and rested at my mother’s house, and she learned that there but for fortune go you and I.

I have always loved this picture, and it is my greatest memory of my Mom. She was a kind and loving person and she always had time to listen to others, she never minded helping other people.



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Just Read to Me…Book Club
Be a cool cat and Read with Miss Lee…..

Here are some great books for you and your family to read and succeed with.

Max the Minnow

The Runaway Bunny

Are you my Mother?

The Kissing Hands

Earthchild – from SAWS


9115 Cross Mountain Trail
San Antonio

210 698 0859

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The Word La palabra

Cat gato

Love amor

Peace paz

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